About BSR

Vision - Mission - Core values

Vision - Mission - Core values


BSR has formulated a strategy reaching beyond the year 2025. This is an important endeavor to fully develop the company. In this strategy, the vision of the company is “Being a leading corporation in ASEAN’s refining & petrochemical industry.” This vision provides guidelines and dimensions for all missions, strategies and other strategic issues.


  • Contributing to national energy security

This is the most important mission of BSR.  It is committed to meet the oil production demands of all Vietnamese industries. This will help to minimize the negative impact of global oil fluctuations on Vietnam. BSR will invest more to enhance its processing and production capacity, apply advanced technology, and improve operational and management methodologies to accomplish this mission.

  • Driving force for the development of the Central Vietnam

In Central Vietnam, BSR has made great contributions to the regional economic and social development by contributing to the local government budget, attracting more investment from other related industries, creating more employment, and increasing the income of the local population.

  • Satisfying customer demand based on high quality products

The company will upgrade equipment, apply and modernize technologies and equipment to produce high quality products, meeting regional and international standards.  

  • Enhancing corporate value and profit for shareholders

Two of the most important values of the company are the brand name of Dung Quat Refinery’s products and BSR’s prestige in the market. The company continues to apply great effort to conserve and enhance these values. These are also important factors contributing to investors confidence.

  • Continuously improving employee satisfaction

Improving employee satisfaction is a significant priority of BSR. The basic and important needs of people working at the company will be identified and met by the company. This is also a necessary solution to motivate employees and maintain their loyalty to BSR.

  • Contributing to the well-being of the community

The company has been making considerable positive contributions to support the development of the local community through useful activities.    


BSR is an IDEAL destination for Employees, Customers, and Investors with the following values.

  • Integrity

 BSR honors commitments and behaves in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We ensure compliance with the principles and regulations in operations and production.

  • Devotion

We put the interests of the company above our own, voluntarily devote and sacrifice our time, energy, intellect, and strength to accomplish work to the highest standard, contributing to the growth of the company and the wealth of stakeholders. We work and cooperate with the highest aspirations, passion, and enthusiasm.

  • Eagerness for learning

Continuous learning is a critical success factor for the sustained progress of the company and for all employees.

  • Ardour

We voluntarily and willingly pursue the BSR vision and mission with the foremost confidence and devotion. BSR ensures all tasks are accomplished to the highest standards and and in a manner that supports the interests of all stakeholders. We always have solutions in every situation.

  • Like-mindedness

We continuously enhance the value of BSR to stakeholders and realize the company’s vision and missions through this solidarity.  All employees put their trust in the direction of the Board to motivate, inspire, and support one another for progress and development.


  • Customers as companions through faithfulness and value co-creation

BSR believes the total customer satisfaction is one of the fundamentals of business success. BSR always conducts every business activity based on the faithfulness and active listening and value co-creation with stakeholders in all corporate endeavors.

  • Human capital is the driving force of every success & advancement

BSR believes that human capital is the focus of management.  Every success depends on people. We also have a strong belief that the highest performance can be attained through the maximization of initiative, willingness, and brainpower of each member of BSR.

  • Operational excellence

BSR pursues management and production excellence by the continuous improvement of management expertise, operational processes, and culture.