About BSR

History of Binh Son Petrochemical Company

History of Binh Son Petrochemical Company


BSR was formed in  May 9th, 2008, as a subsidiary of the PetroVietnam (PVN). BSR is responsible for managing and operating the Dung Quat Refinery. 

BSR is a formidable, forward-looking enterprise that has been driving the oil refining industry of Vietnam for over ten years. As we commemorate our tenth anniversary in 2018, this milestone is marked by our renewed commitment towards delivering our promises of efficiency, productivity and the pursuit of production excellence. 

Even as we celebrate the past, we enthusiastically look into the future with continued competence, confidence and conviction. By staying firm and loyal to our promises we are excited to meet the dynamic needs of the market economy of Vietnam and penetrate deeper into the refined petroleum markets in Vietnam and the ASEAN region. Capitalizing on our unique advantages, we are confident we can achieve further, greater and sustainable success.


BSR is the dominant oil refining enterprise in Vietnam, which buys crude oil and transforms the crude into a variety of refined petroleum and petrochemical products.  It is a subsidiary of PetroVietnam (PVN), a nationally owned flagship company of the government of Vietnam.  The parent company intends to reduce its share of equity holding and make BSR more accountable to market forces. The involvement of private strategic partners and institutional and public investors will help BSR respond well to market performance measures. 

BSR has a well-established track record in the refining, sales and distribution of refined petroleum products and related petrochemical derivatives.  The company is engaged in international business transactions involving purchases of crude oil from both domestic and international markets, refining the oil into various products (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and others) as well as selling various refined oil products into the domestic market.

Operating in a business environment that is fast-changing, complex, technology-driven and competitive, BSR is in a unique position to pave the way in meeting future global challenges with confidence, competence and experience.

As a leading economic force in the oil refining industry of Vietnam, BSR continues to be a success story of business enterprise management. The management of BSR is committed to building upon the company’s advantages and propelling the company forward with strategic thinking and clarity, new investment and expansion plans, under the guidance of an established team of competent technical and managerial talent.